Home Testing Institute

Updating your Information

Please remember that when you update your profile with i-Say, the Home Testing Institute still needs this information.  We want to know when:

  • You have a new mailing address
  • You change your email address
  • You phone number changes
  • The size of your household changes

To update your information please contact us at Janet.Hall@HTIonline.com with your 8 digit ID number and your old and new contact information

Refer a Friend

If you have friends and family who are interested in joining the Ipsos Home Testing Institute panel, please send them to this site so they can join now.

Request Removal

If at any time, for any reason you choose not to be a member of the Ipsos Home Testing Institute panel, you can request to have your membership terminated. Please send us an e-mail to Janet.Hall@HTIonline.com with your full name and 8 digit ID # and we will promptly remove you from our panel.

Contact us

E-mail: Janet.Hall@HTIonline.com

Postal address:
Ipsos Inc. c/o Ipsos-Reid
222 S Riverside Plaza Suite 350
Chicago, IL 60606


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