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The Ipsos Home Testing Institute panel, or Ipsos HTI, is our exclusive community composed of people just like you! The HTI Panel has been in existence for over 50 years. The HTI panel represents all of America. As a member, we'll ask you what you think about the products and services you use everyday, through surveys we conduct via U.S. mail or on the Internet. We'll even ask you about your opinions on new products before they enter the consumer marketplace. Being an Ipsos HTI member gives you a great deal of influence in the products and services you buy and use everyday!


We conduct all types of research. One month, we may ask you to complete a survey about food, the next we may ask you to try a new product being introduced in the marketplace and ask you to let us know what you think about it. Your input will directly influence the manufacturers and service providers who develop the products and services you use everyday!

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E-mail: Janet.Hall@HTIonline.com

Postal address:
Ipsos Inc. c/o Ipsos-Reid
222 S Riverside Plaza Suite 350
Chicago, IL 60606


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